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Investigation results of Climatic Change Vulnerability and Solutions of Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation Workshop in Thuan Chau District.

On June 26th, 2021, the Center for Sustainable Rural Development (SRD) in collaboration with the People's Committee in Thuan Chau District, Sub-Department of Plantation and Plant Protection and Son La Provincial Forest Protection Department organized the Workshop on announcing the results of Climate Change Adaptation assessment and the solutions to climate change mitigation and adaptation in Thuan Chau District.




Due to the context of the unpredictable situation of the COVID-19 epidemic, the conference was held online connecting 2 places in Son La City, Thuan Chau district. The workshop attracted 42 participants from the Department of Science, Technology and Environment (Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development), Departments of Natural Resources and Environment, Department of Agriculture and Rural Development in Son La province, representatives of Northwestern University, Northwest Agro-Forestry Research and Development Center, Agricultural Extension Center, Sub-Department of Plantation and Plant Protection and Son La Forest Protection Department. At the bridge points in the district and commune, 09 members are the leading representatives of the People's Committee and departments of Thuan Chau district, 09 people represent leaders of the project communes) and representatives of local media agencies.


The workshop listened to experts on the results of the VCCA climate change report (VM070) and the reports and assessments of the speakers on climate change in Son La in general and Thuan Chau district in particular in the past 20 years saw an increase in total annual rainfall of about 150mm but a more severe distribution; the number of days affected by the storm circulation increased three times, the average temperature increased by about 0.7 degrees Celsius; droughts and longer dry seasons; The influence of El Nino and La Nina phenomena is becoming more and more obvious. The consequences of climate change have made the lives of people in these areas severely affected due to the lack of water in daily life and production, especially in rice and coffee production in Thuan Chau district.


At the Workshop, ideas given were discussed related to the impacts of climate change in agro-forestry production; Agro-forestry development policies and agricultural models to adapt to climate change have been implemented in Thuan Chau district and Son La province. The expert group made recommendations that there is a need for an integrated strategy on policy, market, technology and training in Thuan Chau to assist people in raising their awareness, ability to cope and adapt to the current extreme weather events caused by climate change; planning for forest land, agricultural land and residential land to ensure commonly-used water sources. Specific interventions include strengthening climate-adapted farming techniques as well as planting native tree species that are resistant to frost, as well as enhancing water retention and landslides.

According to Mr. Cam Bun Loc, Deputy Head of Environmental Management Department, Son La Department of Natural Resources and Environment, many technical solutions were given such as restructuring, plant varieties, livestock, crop adjustment, agricultural production techniques adapting to climate change; proactively prepare plans and conditions for natural disaster prevention and mitigation suitable to each branch or field; integrating climate change response programs into new rural development.

At the end of the workshop, workshop participants agreed on an action plan in the coming time, including strengthening international cooperation to support agro-forestry development.

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