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Report on Vietnam’s NDC: Strengthening forest governance to ensure successful forest restoration

The Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) reflects Vietnam’s commitment to mitigate GHG in important sectors, such as energy, agriculture, waste, and LULUCF. Of which, forestry is affirmed as the core mitigation sub-sector  within the LULUCF sector and the only carbon removal in the NDC. Good forest governance provides a concrete framework for successful forest restoration, which contributes to achieving the targets in the NDC. This paper elaborates on current forestry issues in Vietnam from forest governance standpoint and the role of civil society in helping solve these issues.
One way to engage civil society is by strengthening information sharing between the government and civil society organisations (CSOs). Cooperation mechanisms should be in place to promote the role of civil society in the joint  implementation of the NDC. One such mechanism would be the engagement of CSOs in independent monitoring of the NDC process, in order to ensure a transparent and accountable NDC process. This paper also provides several case studies to demonstrate the importance of forest governance and community tenure rights in forest restoration. The participatory approach is key to ensure successful forest restoration. Consultations with local communities should be done during the design and implementation. There should be mechanisms for full participation of civil society to ensure successful forest restoration in the NDC incorporating forest governance and community tenure rights.

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