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Creativity Day

“I draw a picture on the prevention of domestic violence against children because I often see parents beating their children. I want to convey the message that parents should not teach their children with a whip.” An 8th grade student in Gio Viet Commune Secondary School shared.

“With this picture, I want teachers and everyone in the community to join hands to protect children and their rights so that children are protected from being abuse, domestic violence, bully and they can understand better about their rights. In fact, we have limited understanding on children's rights". Share by a 6th grade student in Gio Quang commune.

“There are many free swimming classes taught by teachers. Through this picture I want to share that children need to learn how to swim to prevent drowning.” Sharing of an 8th grade student in Trung Son commune.

"Protect children from being abuse is the topic of my painting". Shared by an 8th grade student in Gio My commune.

Those are the sharing of the children participating in the "Creativity Day " which was organized on the occasion of Action Month for Children by SRD in collaboration with the Steering Board of the project “Empowering people with disabilities” and Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth's Union in Gio Linh district on June 7, 2020 in Cua Viet Town, Gio Linh District, Quang Tri Province.

There were nearly 150 pupils from grades 6 to 8 from 16 junior high schools in Gio Linh district and the leaders of school team. In addition to drawing on the theme of Children's Rights and injuries and child abuse prevention, the forum also invited a staff from the provincial Red Cross to share directly with the children about drowning prevention, first aid skills and support for drowning victims.

This is an activity organized annually within the “Empowering people with disabilities” project, funded by Caritas Australia and the Department of Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade; in collaboration with SRD’s local partners. The aim of the forum is to increase the knowledge and awareness of children's rights as well as equip some basic life skills for children before starting a safe and rewarding summer vacation.






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