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The project "Climate and mangrove protection combined with income generation for vulnerable communities" has been implemented since April 2021 in Mui Ca Mau National Park and Tam Giang Protection Forest Management Board (PFMB) with a total budget of 940,000EUR funded by Bread for the World and the contribution of the Provincial People's Committee (15%).

The general goal is to enhance biodiversity, to promote carbon sequestration, to enhance climate resilience and ensure livelihoods and social inclusion for vulnerable communities in the Mekong Delta.

The main results of this project shall be achieved through the following three objectives:

(i) Increase the carbon accumulation of protective mangroves through joint conservation efforts by government and local communities as a part of co-management approach;

(ii) Livelihoods of poor and vulnerable communities living in mangroves are enhanced without compromising environmental or climate protection;

(iii) Co-development approaches for both conservation and livelihood development in mangroves are replicated, integrated in national and provincial policies to enhance climate protection in ecosystems unique but vulnerable. 



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