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Free Trade Agreement between Viet Nam and European Union (EVFTA) has entered into force since 1 August 2020. It is a new-generation FTA with high degree of liberalization towards removing most tariff barriers to bring more opportunities for exports from Viet Nam to the EU market, especially of agricultural, forestry and fishery products, including timber products which are having competitive advantages. By establishing trade facilitation standards and principles, goods of Viet Nam and EU access easily each other’s market. Timber processing enterprises are required to comply with commitments as specified in Chapter 13 - Trade and Sustainable Development of the EVFTA. Commitments in this Chapter do not set out mandatory requirements or new standards but mainly reiterate existing obligations or recognize commitments and efforts to improve the status quo and enhance domestic standards relating to (1) labour; (2) environment; and (3) society to promote responsibility of enterprises in enforcing legal requirements. At the same time, it is important no to apply measures that may lead to discriminatory or trade-restrictive consequences.


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