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1) Researching the demand on raw wood for processing  wood and wood products exported to the EU market to meet the EVFTA Agreement's requirements, as well as putting the VPA commitments into action, in order to: i) Analyse the situation of raw wood and forecast demand for raw wood for processing W&WP for export to the EU market in 2022 – 2030; ii) Analyse the policy implementation situation and recommend policy orientation; assist processing enterprises in gradually reducing the use of imported wood and increasing the use of domestically planted forest wood for processing and exporting W&WP to the EU market. The content of the research focuses on: i) Assessment of the current situation and forecast of the demand for raw wood for processing W&WP for export to the EU market and solutions; ii) Review and evaluate the implementation of policies and recommend orientations for preferential policies, supporting processing enterprises to gradually reduce imported wood and increase the use of domestically planted forest wood.

2) Research has collected, synthesized, and analysed secondary documents and selected 3 regions representing 3 regions (North, Central, and South). In each region, select several localities (provinces) as research sites; survey 46 enterprises by questionnaire; in-depth interviews with 16 processing facilities. Interview data was extracted from KoboToolbox software via MS. Excel software has been checked, cleaned, and encrypted. Use IBM SPSS Statistics 22 software to analyse descriptive statistics, charts, and explore relationships (if any). The research has received comments from experts, scientists, and managers at 3 technical meetings and 1 workshop.

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