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The Centre for Sustainable Rural Development (SRD) has published this Gender Statement on promoting gender equality in organisations in terms of human resources policy, and developing gender mainstreaming guidelines to support project officers when implementing projects.

The gender mainstreaming guidelines are developed on the basis of identified objectives and audiences in an existing project design which relates to activities and other outputs. Furthermore, this guideline assists the development of gender mainstreaming for new projects.

Who are the users

-          Managers and program officers of SRD;

-          Short and long-term specialists, and volunteers working contracted by SRD to carry out project and communication activities;

-          Local partners of SRD.

The scope of application:

-          New project development;

-          Organising and implementing project activities;

-          Monitoring and evaluation;

-          Conducting communication activities;

-          At the organisational level, gender mainstreaming is considered in all documentation.

Objectives and levels:

The gender mainstreaming solutions proposed in this Guideline are intended to ensure that men and women within SRD projects have the most effective access to resources by meeting gender needs. As a result, they will help men and women make positive changes and enhance project outcomes.

Additionally, SRD hopes that its projects and activities create more sustainable long-term changes through the impact of mitigating gender stereotypes which are having different effects on the roles and values of men and women in the family and in society.

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